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Every great success story grows from struggle, every great company starts in a basement. Burnt out and depleted after a failed attempt at reviving a family restaurant in Boston, we made a decision on our drive home to the Bay Area that our next venture would be our own and we would utilize our creativity.

SONS OF SALVAGE was born after stumbling upon a dumpster overflowing with discarded wood. We dove in head first and never looked back. Our first shop space was on the side of a hill in mom's 100 square foot basement. We had no knowledge of furniture making, wood species or tools. We didn't have a background in construction nor did we take woodshop in high school. But we also had nothing to lose.

So there we were, two lifelong best friends in their late 20’s working out of moms basement with hand-me-down tools. We began by building pieces out of salvaged lumber for our own homes and posting them on Instagram. Word quickly spread and small orders started to trickle in. A part-time dream quickly grew into a full time reality. We were able to quit our jobs and focus all of our energy on SONS OF SALVAGE.
Since those days of grinding it out in the basement we have been given the opportunity to work with countless small businesses, large commercial and residential clients. We have saved endless amounts of discarded lumber and developed into self- taught craftsmen, artists, designers and businessmen.
We continue to grow and learn everyday. Through the years we have been able to upgrade our workshop, expand our knowledge and expertise of woodworking and become confident and skilled experts in our field.
Thank you for taking the time to read our ever evolving story. We hope to work with you one day in the future.

-Aaron and Serge




Co-founder / Furniture Maker



Co-founder / Furniture Maker



Tree Salvage / Milling




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